iPhone Falls 9300ft Out Of A Plane Sustains Minor Damage

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A 74 year old pilot from Texas (Ben Wilson) was piloting his Beechcraft Bonanza plane when a change in air pressure affected the door latch and caused the door to pop open suddenly. Ben says his Wall Street Journal newspaper and his iPhone both fell out of the open door. Not much you can do after that but watch it fall 9300 feet to the earth. When Ben landed he turned on the Find My iPhone feature on another device and to his surprise got a signal from his lost phone. Ben and his stepson took off from Wichita Falls 90 miles towards Joplin where they found the iPhone on a ranch under a mesquite tree.


Upon picking the phone up Ben noticed no major signs of damage to the phone, the case it was in was an external battery case and the battery was missing from that. Otherwise the screen was intact and only a few scuffs marred the actual phone. Somehow I think this story is more a testament to the strength of the case that was on that device than the iPhone itself. Ben doesn’t mention who made the case and it’s hard to tell from the video what type it might be but that’s one hell of a case!

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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