HoloLens Developer Release Should Come In One Year


There’s a buzz and excitement over Microsoft’s HoloLens but you’re not going to see it in consumer hands for a long while. The product is on a Microsoft mandated five year journey so they can really work on research and development. Even after that period it’s likely that only businesses and enterprise customers will be the first to have access to it. But there is good news for developers as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has said a HoloLens developer release will happen in about a year.

While we’re all jealous, it’s important to get the hardware into the hands of software developers so they can learn the system and coding to make software that will run on the platform. It’s almost certain what developers will get isn’t going to be anywhere near the polished finished product. Developers may even get a few different versions of the HoloLens through the research and development stages as Microsoft continues to modify and improve the hardware.

What developers are likely to get is a core product that Microsoft believes is ready for early software testing and development. It’s also very likely that some of these developers may give valuable feedback to Microsoft on how to improve on the hardware and the operating system within it. It’s really a win win for both Microsoft and developers. Microsoft gets feedback, developers get to work on a very cool project funded by Microsoft.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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