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Gen Con 2015: Fin

The last day of Gen Con 2015, and really pretty much every con, is usually spent with last minute ogling of miniatures and dice and other wares that are in the pipe dream price range, scooping up all those sweet t-shirts you’ve been “thinking about” for the past three days, and tiredly walking the halls as they slowly clear out.

I was not unhappy with my gaming experiences, all in all I got in a solid array of games but I did feel like I was leaving with too much mana that could have been used. I wanted to play Dead of Winter and Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Rumble at Castle Tentakill but never found a chance. We were also saving Sunday as the designated Battletech day, but sadly it was all booked up when we stopped by. This might have been my biggest regret. I did catch the end of an Arcadia Quest game before the table had to be packed up – there had been some really neat painted miniatures that caught my eye at their vendor booth so obviously I had to go see what it was all about. The game looks fun but really, painted miniatures! Or Meeples. Srsly. I need all of the games so I can get ALL OF THE MEEPLES!

Despite feeling like the gaming docket was pretty well full, there was SO MUCH more I didn’t even touch including literally every single one of the organized events like the True Dungeon, Concert Against Humanity, and a myriad of other events that are far too numerous to list. A few of these things will be going on the checklist for next year. Also I’d like to get a few more sit-down gaming sessions with the creators and developers since those seemed to be my favorite gaming experiences at the con.

Ultimately, my goal of finding a worker placement game to love more than Lords of the Waterdeep did not come to fruition. I was really hoping Champions of Midgard would be it but for whatever reason it did not tickle my fancy in such a way to oust LotW from its throne in my little nerd heart. Alas, the search continues and Lords of the Waterdeep will reign supreme for now. Maybe next year.

Here’s a slew of pictures I took while roaming the con, from food trucks to cosplay, check them out! Also, stay tuned for more in-depth articles on each Game of the Day winner.

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