Here’s A Look At The New Walkers In Season 6 Of The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows AMC has ever had. It’s hard not to see why considering the show, and the walkers in the show, has progressively gone from good to amazing with each passing season (take a look at season 5 and get back to me). With that, Walking Dead fans are not only gearing up for the new Walking Dead spin-off but for season 6 as well.

Season 5 left many a fan reeling and many of them are looking on to season 6 with a renewed vigor. As The Walking Dead starts filming its newest season, we’re going to start seeing a trickle of information and photos highlighting the brand new season. Today is no different as we’re getting our very first look at a number of photos from season 6.

We have a number of photos that show off the new walkers we’re going to see in the latest season, and some look pretty gnarly. Not only do we get to see new, sliced up zombies, but we also get a look at Rick, Daryl and Maggie in action. We do know that The Walking Dead will bring back Jon Bernthal to reprise his roll as Shane Walsh in a flashback episode.

Other than that, information on season 6 is locked up pretty tight. Though there’s hints at new characters and villains but we won’t know until we get closer to the 90 minute season opener on Oct. 11. For those of you who haven’t gotten into the show yet, or those who haven’t caught up, AMC will be hosting a five weekends/five seasons marathon event that started last Sunday and runs through Aug. 23. So while you may have missed season one, you still have the rest of the seasons to catch up.

As if that weren’t enough, we have a gallery of the season six shots for you below. Enjoy!

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Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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