Stagefright Detector App Debuts In Google Play Store

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Stagefright has made every Android owner just a little more nervous about using their smartphone. While right now you’re very unlikely to be infected with Stagefright that doesn’t mean it can’t happen in the future while you wait for a patch. In the meantime you may want to test your Android mobile to see if your phone is vulnerable to the Stagefright exploit. Zimperium Mobile Security has just pushed out their new application to assist users trying to find out if they’re infected or vulnerable. The app is called, Stagefright Detector.

Stagefright is a critical Android vulnerability. It allows hackers to get system or media privileges of your device when your device is processing an MMS, without need of any end-user action. To make matters worse, MMS can delete itself before you open it. With such potential, Stagefright can wreck havoc on carriers and enterprises using Android devices for business.

Zimperium zLabs expert and VP of Platform Research and Exploitation, Joshua Drake (@jduck) discovered this vulnerability and also provided patches to Google to secure Android. We also provided these patches to carriers and vendors through Zimperium Handset Alliance. While the patches have been applied, it may be years until they reach all devices.

In order to test if your device is vulnerable, Zimperium built the ‘Stagefright Scanner’ app. This app will tell you two major things:

– whether your device is vulnerable

– whether you need to update your mobile Operating System

You can pick up the Stagefright Detector from Google Play.

  Source: Zimperium   Source: Zimperium   Source: Zimperium
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