The 10 Best Android Apps for Geeks!


It’s no secret that being called a geek means that people know you’re passionate about something – sometimes, many things. One of the things that I geek out about are smartphone apps, especially Android apps.

As a geek concerned with any subjects, apps help me keep up to date with developments in my favorite film, game, and literary topics. Here are ten of the best (in my opinion) Android apps for geeks!

1. Goodreads

Goodreads is an app that’s almost mandatory for the lover of the written word. It makes browsing the literature addict’s go-to website a lot more enjoyable than trying to use the mobile website. Goodreads has just about every feature you could want: You can add books to various shelves, update your status with your current page number, and even use the barcode scanner to add all of your books to your Goodreads account.

2. TED

TED is one of those fantastic apps that lets you learn on the go. TED Talks feature interesting people orating about fascinating topics in science, technology, space, artificial intelligence, and more. Don’t have time for that Talk about astrophysics you want to watch? Bookmark it and watch it later on your Chromecast. TED also has an on-demand playlist of TED Talks audio recordings, and you can download the TED videos to your device for offline viewing as well. Learning geeks, download this app!


3. PokeType – Dex

PokeType includes detailed statistics for all 721 Pokémon across all generations of the video games. Features include efficacy of moves, various natures, egg groups, an IV stats calculator, mapped Pokémon locations, locations for each Mega Stone… The list goes on and on. If you’re a Pokémon geek, you’ll lose yourself for hours while planning the perfect team to battle your friends.


4. AppHunt

As I mentioned before, I’m a big geek when it comes to Android apps. AppHunt lets users curate a list of the best apps in real time through a Reddit-like upvote system. Downvoting is not allowed on app recommendations, which fosters a better community – if you don’t like it, simply don’t upvote it. There are restrictions on which and when apps can be posted – only apps updated within the last 30 days can be submitted, and duplicates aren’t allowed. This creates a continually updated list of the newest and best apps on the Play Store.


5. Duolingo

I happen to know a lot of language geeks, and they always rave about Duolingo.Duolingo is another one of those rare apps that seems to have the user’s best interest at heart. The app allows users to learn French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Irish, Portuguese, Swedish, English, and Danish. How much does it cost? Nothing. It’s 100% free. The app uses gamification to help the learner understand their chosen language faster and more intuitively than standard studying may allow. Duolingo helps you understand the meaning of sentences by using basic words and their genders as building blocks and in quick succession so that your brain learns the language naturally.


6. Current Flow

Geeks like ourselves often love puzzlers, so when Current Flow hit the market with up to 150 levels through in-app purchases, I had to try it out. Rotate your tiles to supply the light bulbs with power. Sounds easy, right? The game is deceptively simple and yet so complicated sometimes that you keep working away at the puzzle until it’s solved. As the description says, it was designed and written by a programmer that makes the puzzles challenging and unique, but never maddening. It’s a beautiful experience of a game, and I cannot recommend it enough.

7. Ampere

Whether you’re an electrical engineer or you just like to geek out about electronics and electricity, Ampere is an interesting app that gives you stats about your Android’s recharge and discharge rates. Want to find out if your Turbo Charger isn’t putting out the correct voltage? Ampere can help with that!


8. Star Wars

It should go without saying that any Star Wars geek should download the official Star Wars app. You can keep updated with the development of the new movies and universe, use the soundboard to chime in with appropriately-timed Star Wars quotes, and even take a customized selfie with various props and gear or make use of the augmented reality. Not all of the features are always useful, but let’s be honest – Star Wars-themed weather forecasts are awesome!

9. AppChat

Currently in beta, AppChat lets you can geek out with other users of your favorite apps. If you’re passionate about Google Calendar, Tinder, SwiftKey, or any other app, now there’s a chat room made just for you and other fans to discuss app tips, tricks, and updates. AppChat can be really useful if you’ve got a burning topic to discuss about your favorite app or a dire question about an app’s feature.

10. c:geo

There are a lot of geocaching geeks out there, and honestly you can’t blame them. Geocaching is essentially modern treasure hunting, and it’s a lot of fun. c:geo is the best open source geocaching app out there, and features support for multiple geocaching platforms, as well as online and offline support for logging caches. It’s simple and flexible, and if you’re into geocaching, this app is a must-have.


There you have it, the best Android apps for geeks! There are still a ton of awesome geeky apps out there that we had to leave out, though. If you have a geeky app that you love, leave a comment below or connect with us on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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