A Mommy Robot Builds Herself Some Baby Robots


It looks like the day has finally come to where robots start having kids. Of course it’s not the way us humans do it, rather it’s more of physically building their offspring. At Cambridge University, scientist have created a mother robot to build her own kids.

The robot arm (mother) was designed to build a kid bot and learn off of that kid to build an even better kid. To start off with, the mum would make the first kid bot and then watch it and retain the information of its movements to create the next child. Ten generations were built in five experiments to allow the best bot to be an example for the next bot that was about to be designed. Of course as time passed, different kid bots were made and improved more than the last, due to mum coming up with new designs, shapes, and movement patterns.

Building each offspring took around 10 minutes for design, along with building and testing on how far it could travel in a specific amount of time. They were designed from five rules that made up its motor commands, shape, and construction.

“Natural selection is basically reproduction, assessment, reproduction, assessment and so on. That’s what this robot is doing – we can actually watch the improvement and diversification of the species.” Dr. Fumiya Iida, who works at Cambridge University in the Engineering Department said. “It’s a long way to go before we’ll have robots that look, act and think like us, but what we do have are a lot of enabling technologies that will help us import some aspects of biology to the engineering world.”

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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