OnStar Helps Capture Four Teens Who Kidnapped A Federal Agent


Vacation is supposed to be a time for stress relief and relaxation, the perfect chance to leave work, personal issues and life behind. But for one federal law enforcement agent (not identified) the stresses of regular life were the least of his worries. While the agent was in the parking lot of his hotel he was confronted by four armed teenagers who forced him into the back seat of his car at gun point and pistol whipped him once inside. They drove off with the car and the agent in the back, they proceeded to tie the agent up and drove around for a few hours. After those hours passed the agent’s wife (both from Texas on vacation in Florida) became worried and called police through the OnStar service that came with their vehicle.

After explaining her concern for the whereabouts of her husband the OnStar operator opened up communication with the victims vehicle and could hear the agent screaming for help. This prompted the teens to leave the agent on the side of the road and drive off still in his OnStar powered car. Of course the police were able to locate the vehicle using OnStar service and arrested two of the teens who then immediately gave up the other two teens. Two 18-year-olds were identified as Dante Askins and Gregory McDonald, the other two were minors.

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This is a case where technology was a lifesaver for one lucky man and it’s pretty amazing that we have these tools at our disposal now. Years ago this same scenario may have ended up in a homicide but thankfully our connected technology has the ability to be used in these extreme cases. Not everyone is going to experience something as violent as a car jacking/kidnapping but it’s nice to know you may have the technology like OnStar to help you when you’re in dire straits.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.

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