Nervous About Installing Windows 10 On Mac? Watch This Video


Earlier last week we announced that Boot Camp 6 was available to Mac users to install Windows 10 on their precious Apple hardware. But many of you expressed concern and nervousness about installing Windows 10 on Mac. Our YouTube friend Damir Franc read our article and that give him the push to give Boot Camp 6 and Windows 10 a go. What follows is his first hand account of his experience installing Windows 10 on his 13″ MacBook Pro. Be sure to watch the entire video as Damir gives his impressions and overview of how to get this properly working on your Apple hardware.

As you can see the process isn’t all that hard but Damir gives some great pointers and advice such as choosing the right partition size for your Windows 10 installation on your drive. In Damir’s case he choose to partition off 70GB for his Windows 10 install and after all was said and done the install took 30GB leaving him 40GB for other storage and app purchases. You might want to consider a larger partitioning if you plan on using Windows 10 heavily. So that’s probably the biggest thing to worry about through this whole procedure.

There you have it, thanks to Damir (be sure to SUBSCRIBE to his YouTube channel) for shooting this video and sharing it with us so you can no longer fear installing Windows 10 on your Mac. Have you or are you going to try and install Windows 10 on your Mac? Let us know your experiences in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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