YouTube Gaming To Be Released Tomorrow


Earlier this year in June YouTube announced that it was going to dive into the video game streaming service to compete with Twitch.  Google did try to purchase Twitch last year but Amazon ended up winning out on that deal.  Since then, they decided to just make their own service with a few different features to take Twitch head on in the streaming world of gamers. YouTube Gaming is expected to be released tomorrow, August 26th.

One functionality you will have with YouTube gaming that you cannot do on Twitch currently is to enable DVR mode as the streamer.  This will let those who are watching rewind up to 4 hours to catch up on what they missed.  Maybe you just had an awesome extermination playing Halo, the viewer can rewind it and watch it again right away.

Many of the Twitch users out there who steam a lot already have YouTube accounts so that they can store and archive their streams, another feature Twitch is currently lacking, and now they will be able to do that all under one roof with YouTube Gaming.  

Starting tomorrow you’ll be able to tune into to check out the streams for yourself or you can download the app from the Google Play Store or the iTunes Store if you’re an iOS user and provided you live in the US or UK.  The service should be coming to other countries soon but as of now there is no word as to when exactly that will happen.

There is a YouTube app on the Xbox One already but no word if there will be a separate YouTube Gaming app to allow you to stream like the interface that Twitch has or if they will just update the app to allow you to stream from within the standard app that is already on the Xbox Store.  If there is a way to stream from the Xbox One be sure to tune in tomorrow to test the stream as we will be streaming here on our end.

Have you streamed games on Twitch before?  Would you switch over to YouTube Gaming if you do or have you already found your home in Twitch and don’t want to move everything over to a new service?  Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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