Flash And Arrow 8/28 Weekly Round-Up

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So we have another cast member joining the ever growing cast of Flash and it’s another speedster, Jessie Chambers, a.k.a. ‘Jessie Quick’ played by Violet Beane. In the comics she is the daughter of Golden Age Heroes Liberty Belle and Johnny Quick (another Flash). She eventually took on the name Liberty Belle herself and was taught how to access the Speed Force by her father. The only hint we have to how she might potentially gain power is a qote from TVLine that Jesse Quick is “a brilliant but quirky college student who gets caught up in the battle between The Flash and Zoom.” What that means is anyones guess but I know that in the comics she accessed the Speed Force by reciting a formula so maybe this encounter helps her work that out.


The next bit of news isn’t about a new cast member but a returning one, Linda Park. If you remember from Season One Linda was briefly a love interest for Barry (one I actually thought worked). If she is returning to potentially get back together with Barry she might have to complete with Patty Spivot, another potential love interest cast earlier in the summer.


Remember a couple weeks ago when I talked about a new character being introduced by the name of Dr. Light? Well, we might, and I stress might, have gotten a glimpse of that character. The Canadagraphs posted photos of the back of someone on the Flash set that is wearing an outfit that looks pretty darn close to what the female version of Doctor Light is wearing in the comics. As with all this rumor, we will have to wait and see on this.

So this week’s wrap-up was predominantly Flash related, but stay tuned for more Arrow and Flash news here on MOARGeek.

Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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