Three Of The Best Seidio Accessories For Your Galaxy Note 4

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Your smartphone isn’t a cheap throwaway device. Most of the time it’s a high end $600+ handheld computer you want to protect and keep running. There’s literally thousands of third party accessories that will help you in that effort and here are three of the best Seidio accessories out there. Here are three of Seidio’s best accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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Seidio Innocell

Is your Galaxy Note 4’s 3220mAh battery just not enough to get you through an entire day? Seidio has you covered! With Seidio’s Innocell extended life battery you will literally double the life of your Note 4. Rated at 6440mAh the Seidio Innocell isn’t a small cookie by any means, it’s more than twice as thick as the stock Samsung battery and twice as heavy. Using the battery is as simple as dropping it in place of the old battery. Seidio provides you with a different backplate for your device so it will fit. The massive battery does exactly what it is supposed to do, get you through the whole day. Even with heavy browsing, email, multimedia streaming, picture/video taking the Innocell didn’t stutter and we never did get to full drainage using it. We did get it down to 15% but that was with intense usage.


The Seidio Innocell is a great investment at $49.95, no need to lug around an extended battery or extra battery. The only downside is the bulky back and inability to use cases with the extended battery in place. Otherwise the Innocell does exactly what it is designed to do.

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Seidio Vitreo

One of the most important parts of your phone you want to protect is that full HD screen and Seidio’s Vitreo is a good way to do just that. This tempered glass screen protector is tough and resilient. Made with an anti-fingerprint coating that helps prevent fingerprint smudging this glass protector has tapered edges and is compatible with Seidio cases. Rated at 9H hardness this protector doesn’t interfere with the touch sensitivity of your screen and it’s made with HQ Japanese glass.


We found the Vitreo easy to install and bubble free with no rainbowing or watermark effects when applying. Tempered glass protectors are the ultimate protection for your front panel and the Vitreo is right up there with the best of the best. Highly recommended if you’re a clumsy user.

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Seidio Capsa

The Capsa is probably one of the best Galaxy Note 4 cases I’ve used. With a strong and sturdy shell and soft inner TPU shock protector this thing is better than nominal protection. It nearly reaches Otterbox and Ballistic protection. Although not as rugged it’s not far off. The Capsa is also pretty slim for the amount of protection it offers and offers a kickstand to prop your phone up. The soft touch material that coats the outside of the shell is comfortable and nice to hold in the hand. The design is well done and unique.


The most interesting part of the Capsa is the flip clear front. It’s like a built in screen protector you don’t have to apply or take off. It works much better than I expected. Touch sensitivity is great and the only real issue I had was the phone not recognizing touch on the capacitive buttons once in awhile. Overall the Capsa is a great option to protect that Note 4 and that integrated screen protection is killer. At $39.95 it’s priced in around the same as other cases like it, so the value is great!

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You can pick up Seidio products at the Seidio store or at Amazon.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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