Apple TV 4 Price Tag Going Up As Much As $100 And I Don’t Mind

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The blogs are writing as fast as they can to get the click bait headlines out before the competition. Apple’s latest streaming device price is going up! Hold on to your pocketbooks people! The sky is falling! 9to5 Mac reports that the Apple TV 4 (or whatever they’ll call it) is most likely going to increase in price by $50-$100. Considering that the Apple TV has been $99 since 2012 and most recently dropped to $69 it makes sense to raise the price on the next iteration. Apple TV 4 is rumored to bring with it a whole bunch of improvements and new services, with that comes a price increase.

The long rumored Apple TV (actual Television) has never materialized and it likely will never materialize. Apple just cannot compete with players like Samsung, LG and Sony in that market. Besides, if Apple were to make an actual television the price point wouldn’t be competitive and consumers are likely to buy the aforementioned OEM’s SmartTVs with built in streaming or one without and a Roku, Chromecast or Apple TV to go with it. So Apple is doing what is probably best for them at this point; sell services on a decent selling existing device and make improvements to that device to increase sales.

Apple is making some serious changes on the AppleTV including revamping the remote control, the current three button is frustrating and not intuitive. Sure you can use the Apple Remote app for iPhone but that’s also a pain and not always reliable itself. Having a remote that doesn’t make you want to tear the TV off the wall is going to seriously make people happy. Apple is also said to be integrating Siri into Apple TV – which isn’t that thrilling as Siri is really horrible – which should supposedly help you search for content. The new unit is also supposed to have a faster processor and more storage on board as well as an App Store and a developers kit for devs to make new Apps just for the Apple TV. Finally, while it’s not expected until next year, Apple is planning on launching a cable replacement service for Apple TV. This would allow you to get the channels you want on your Apple TV and only those channels. No more 200 channel cable packages where you only watch 15 channels of the 200.

So if all these improvements are truly coming then I’m more than willing to pay the extra $50-$100. Roku, Chromecast, and Fire TV haven’t been as reliable for me as the Apple TV. I have every version of the Apple TV and it’s been a champ in our house, it’s used daily so these changes are welcome. Now I just hope that there will be a Plex app on Apple TV, Airplaying Plex from my iPad to my Apple TV is pretty unreliable and the only reason I use Fire TV is for Plex. So yeah, stay calm clickbait blogs and quit stirring up trouble.

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Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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