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Google Plus Collections Finally Lands On iOS


Google Plus Collections has finally landed on iOS early this morning and we couldn’t be happier. Often times, Google updates its iOS apps way before it does its own Android apps (Google Hangouts anyone). But with Google Plus Collections, iOS users were left to wait and be frustrated as iOS was shunned from updates this time around.

Collections is a new way of organizing your Google Plus posts so that your followers can follow the subjects you post about that interest them. Before collections (and still currently) you could post public, private or to circles. Circles worked OK but Collections works better, allowing your followers the option of what to listen to and what to ignore. For those unfamiliar with Collections, we have a full tutorial on how to use Google Plus Collections here.



Google Plus has been in the news a lot lately as Google continues to disconnect Google Plus requirements from its other services. This has lead to the bevy of articles from other websites stating emphatically that Goole Plus is dead, a call we refuse to make just yet. Google’s attempt to integrate its Google Plus social services with its other services may not have gone as planned but there is still a vibrant community on Google Plus.

The service turned into something far different than Facebook and Twitter, which have their own appeal. Google Plus turned into small communities of like-minded people who actually have meaningful conversation, share relevant information and generally support each other. Sure there are trouble makers peppered in here and there, like any social network, but overall Google Plus has been a joy to use and you should really give it a whirl.

Collections is a great way to start using Google Plus, you can start by following me, then going to my Collections tab and looking through my Collections. Follow and unfollow whatever Collection you think may interest you or not, it’s that simple. Google Plus Collections for iOS has been a long time coming and as an iOS and Android user, I’m glad I can finally use my iPhone for Google Plus posts again.

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