Chris Evans Almost Done As Captain America


While doing press for the limited theatrical release of his directorial debut Before We Go, Chris Evans addressed his future as the star-spangled super soldier. After recently wrapping up filming on the highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War, Evans officially finished his fifth movie out of a six-movie contract under Marvel.

When Civil War hits theaters on May 6, 2016, it will undoubtedly be one of the biggest cinematic events of the year. Despite the inevitable success of the film, Evans has mixed feeling about finishing movie five.

“It always feels so good to kind of wrap and just say, ‘Alright, one more down.’,” Evans said while speaking to Entertainment Tonight’s Ashley Crossan. “But it’s also kind of like high school in a sense. You keep looking to when you’re going to be done, and we’re almost done now, and you’re not quite ready for it to be over.”

“It’s almost terrifying to think about these being done,” Evans said.

Though his current contract in the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be nearing it’s end, the man currently playing Cap would not rule out a return.

“Listen, if Marvel wants me they got me,” Evans tells Collider. “Marvel just can’t stop making great movies, they do it in their sleep. It’s wonderful directors and producers and actors and scripts, and it’s like a playground as an actor.”

What’s also slightly terrifying from a fan’s perspective would be to think about what could have happened had Evans decided not to don the red, white, and blue, which was a very real possibility when he was initially approached about the role. Having already starred in a role as a spandex clad superhero as Johnny Storm in the original Fantastic Four films, before the less than stellar reboot, Evans had his reservations that were luckily shucked off.

“It’s so mind-boggling that I was so tentative in the beginning to jump onboard,” Evans said. “What an asshole I would be if I hadn’t done this. I mean can you imagine? Kicking myself—I’d never forgive myself!”

Before We Go, Chris Evans’ first offering as a director starring himself and Alice Eve is set for release in select theaters on September 4.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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