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3D Force Touch Display, The New Apple Buzzword


The new iPhones and iPads aren’t even out yet but the Apple marketing machine is doing its job anyway. A new report from 9to5 Mac says the new iPhone display will be called the 3D Force Touch display. This Apple buzzword is designed to confuse the laymen user into thinking the iPhone might have a 3D display thus creating more excitement ahead of the release. Besides the obvious marketing use of the name, Apple claims the chosen name is due to the 3 levels of Force you can put on the screen – the three levels are tap, press and deeper press.

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We already know that Apple’s Force Touch is also known in the industry as haptic feedback and Apple isn’t the first to use haptic feedback. Haptic feedback with multiple levels of pressure recognition is fairly new but once again, Apple isn’t the first to implement the technology. Huawei has already introduced the Mate S which also has Haptic feedback levels and you can expect more manufactures to take advantage of the technology in their own devices.

All arguing over who invented and innovated the technology, it will interesting to see how Force Touch works and compare Huawei and Apple’s versions. Samsung isn’t so easily left out of the bunch when it comes to new mobile technology so you can probably expect them to have their own version by the next Galaxy release.

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