Google Self-Driving Car Vulnerable To Laser Hack – Claims Researcher

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Jonathan Petit, a security researcher at Security Innovation, Inc. claims the Google self-driving car and other vehicles that use LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) can be hacked using $60 in parts. LiDAR is the laser tracking and navigation system that many self-driving cars use to understand the world around them. The system is essentially the cars eyes, scanning around for objects, other cars, animals and people.

Petit claims that by using a Raspberry Pi and laser pointer he is able to fool the LiDAR systems into thinking they are seeing objects that aren’t there. When the system detects this false object it will stop the vehicle in an emergency stop. Petiti also claims to be able to carry out DoS attaks on the vehicles as well. There are obvious problems if this hack were to be employed heavily by those seeking to cause problems.

“I can take echoes of a fake car and put them at any location I want,” Petit, who is also a former research fellow at the University of Cork’s Computer Security Group, said in a press interview. “I can do the same with a pedestrian or a wall.”

“I can spoof thousands of objects and basically carry out a denial-of-service attack on the tracking system so it’s not able to track real objects,” the researcher added.

Petit outlines all his research in a paper entitled “Revisiting Attacker Model for Smart Vehicles.” We’re certain that Google and other manufactures are aware of the hack and are likely working on a fix for it now.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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