New Apple TV Comes With Touch Remote And Siri


One of the most significant changes from Apple today was the new Apple TV with touch remote and Siri integration. The new Apple TV is all new hardware, new user interface, new stand alone App Store, new developer tools, and a new OS called, TvOS. The entire user experience has been changed for this year’s model and it really needed this overhaul. Starting with Siri integration, Siri hasn’t been that great on the iPhone and it falls behind the competition like Google Now and Cortana. But from the demos, Siri seemed to be spot on for Apple TV use and maybe that’s where she always belonged.


Apple TV also comes with a new glass touch remote almost like the Magic Mouse, allowing for touch and swipe interaction. The new remote also acts as a game controller which, as the controller implies, will allow you to play games on the new Apple TV. There will be multi-player games coming soon allowing anyone with an iPhone to join in using their phone as a controller. The biggest and most significant change is Siri navigation. You can search the new Apple TV App Store just by asking Siri, and you can play, pause, rewind, fast forward and even ask her to go back a few seconds and caption what was said. Right now Siri only searches Apple apps, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Showtime with more apps to be added soon. Apple Music is now part of Apple TV allowing you to listen to all your music from the TV.

The new user interface is much more attractive and easier to read, it takes a huge amount of opacity tricks from Yosemite and some design elements as well. The rounded rectangles are gone and a more flat presentation is what you’ll see, it is much easier on the eyes. Apple named the new OS, tvOS and like WatchOS it has its own developer package so you’ll see more and more apps coming soon. Apple TV will be priced at $149 for a 32GB version and $199 for a 64GB version.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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