Apple Music For Android Not Announced But No Worries It’s Coming

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Earlier this year Apple announced Apple Music, the company’s venture into music streaming services. Rumors circulated quickly that Apple Music for Android would be something the company was going to offer. Competing with Tidal, Spotify, Google Music, and Pandora, Apple realized that they would have to suck it up and bring the service to more than just iDevice owners. Many were expecting an Apple Music for Android announcement at yesterday’s Apple event but it never came.

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But if you’re looking forward to Apple Music on your Android device you need not worry that it will not come. Apple does indicate, on their Apple Music page, that the service will be coming this Fall to Android. No word on what the delay is but we can speculate just a bit. We’ve talked about Apple Music’s dependency on iTunes and many Android users may not want to use iTunes on their PC’s. It could be that Apple is working on a web interface much like Spotify and Pandora. This way Android users do not have to be leashed to iTunes on their desktops.

Another possibility could be as simple as Android vs iOS code and making things work within an Android app for an Apple service. As we know, Apple doesn’t push out Android apps everyday. Whatever the reason, you’ll just have to be patient a little longer until Apple has all the bugs worked out and announce a launch.

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