Fireflex Vinyls Review: Change The Look Of Your Phone For Under $16

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The cellphone has become a personal extension of the person who holds it and that’s something Fireflex Vinyls understands. With a wide selection of vinyls available for a wide selection of phones, Fireflex is probably one of the best ways to change the look of your phone for under $16USD.


Fireflex makes their vinyls in a fair amount of styles from comic book and wood to material design and camo, it’s safe to say there should be something for everyone. The vinyls are cut really well to fit your device and they are a near perfect fit. You may get a slight edge that doesn’t line up as you would like but it’s seriously so minuscule only OCD patients will notice. The Vinyl is quality to the touch and once on the phone it just looks like it belongs. Really great designs and the amount of designs offered make Fireflex an awesome vinyl option for your phone.



Installing Fireflex Vinyls is going to vary in difficulty. Some phones only have a few cutouts that are easy to line up and get straight. Others, like the Nexus 6, have more complex cutouts like the word Nexus. Installing those takes extra care and attention so you line things up just right. Fireflex offers a QR code in the package that takes you to some how-to tutorials so you can brush up before installation. Overall the install process for one with less complex hole cutouts is about 5 minutes or less.



Fireflex Vinyls price in under $16 and that really is an awesome value to not only change the look of your phone but to protect it as well. While the vinyl won’t protect the phone from big drops it does an excellent job protecting from minor scrapes and scuffs. There are some vinyls that are even under $13 and that’s just an awesome deal. Buy 4 or 5 of these bad boys and change the look of your phone 4 or 5 times in a year to keep it looking fresh. The vinyls also help with resale value as you protect the device from the elements, scratches, your hands and other things.

Wrap Up

Fireflex Vinyls are worth the price of admission. A great value with great design and easy to install, you can’t go wrong with them!

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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