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OnePlus’ Carl Pei took to their forums to officially apologize for the delays in the rollout of the OnePlus Two. Though it was initially promised that it would be 30x to 50x easier for users to get a OnePlus Two, it seems OnePlus has been having some problems and is busy fixing some early bugs.

OnePlus earlier attributed some of the delays to some improvements being made to Oxygen OS, OnePlus’ home brewed custom ROM. The company also stated that it’s looking into some issues users have reported of the USB Type C charging cable’s material not holding up. For these reasons, the company has been rolling out invites slowly.

In an earlier post, I questioned the need for the invites system and I hoped that OnePlus had figured out the production issues. Apparently not.

Truth is, hardware is extremely hard. There are so many things to consider, like cash flow, inventory, supply chain and production. Every step of the way, there are landmines for the uninitiated and uncareful. This is a reflection and not an excuse.

Carl Pei also notes that these delays are decreasing the life cycle of the OnePlus Two, perhaps made more evident by the new Moto X Style and Moto X Play, both of which are priced very competitively. Indeed, to make up for the delays, OnePlus is looking into having an open sale for an hour either this month or the next, when would-be customers can get their OnePlus Two without the hassle of the invites system. The details are scarce as of now, but this sounds like a flash sale, which isn’t necessarily much better for the customers. I’m wondering if OnePlus will once again be able to meet demand or if most customers will just see an out of stock sign.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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