TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case For S6/S6 edge Review & Giveaway

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If you know TYLT, you know they’re known for getting your phone that extra charge whether it’s with a case, car charger, QI charger, or an outlet charger. All with a stylish design. TYLT has given me the chance to review their Energi Sliding Power Case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Personally, I’ve never used any of their products so I’m pretty excited to see what they’ve got in store for me.


  • 3,400mAh battery
  • Built in QI charging
  • Dual Cases, one for the S6 and one for the S6 edge
  • Cases designed to slide into power case
  • Superior device protection

What’s In The Box

  • Power case
  • Case for Galaxy S6
  • Case for Galaxy S6 Edge
  • USB cable
  • Manual
TYLT VU wireless charger not included


Taking a look at just the inner cases, they’re both pretty durable and feel like a hard TPU case. There isn’t much going on in the front, but the bezels are raised so it’ll protect the phone from any harm. Top and bottom of the cases are open for the speaker grill, IR blaster, micro USB port, headphone jack and noise cancellation microphone. On the back is TYLT’s logo, while on the sides there is a long strip indented to allow the power case to easily slide on. Speaking about the power case, the front of this guy has the micro USB jack and front facing speaker grills. Flip the power case over and you’ll see TYLT’s logo again. More towards the bottom is a button that will turn the case on and start charging the phone. Four LED lights will show letting you know the charge of the battery. All four lit up means it’s fully charged and so on. Two holes are on the bottom, one for the headphone jack (left side) and the other is the charging port (right side). If the end of your headphone does not fit, you are able to call TYLT’s customer service and get an adapter for free. I’m not sure why it wasn’t included in the first place, but hey, free adapter. Can’t go wrong with that.

Battery Life

Not being one to carry around a battery pack anymore, due to it weighing my backpack down a bit, having the power case in my backpack helps out a lot. The battery life is 3,400mAh, more than what the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge battery has, so you’ll get more than a days worth having the case with you. What’s even cooler is that the case knows when the phone is at 100% and will stop charging and start to save power for a later time.


The TYLT Energi Power Sliding Case has a price tag of $99.99. It’s not a bad price for what it’s worth. Sure, there are other power cases out there that have a slightly lower price, but do they come with a case too? No they don’t. Plus they’re not as sleek looking.

Wrap Up

TYLT has done a wonderful job with this power case and it’s still being used on my Galaxy S6. It comes in handy on days when I’m at work and my phone is always going on and killing my battery. The only issue I have with the case is that it’s QI capable, but has to be a QI charger from TYLT. I tried it with two of my own QI chargers, but nothing happened. It’s not a big deal, as I prefer to use the cable. Just know this before buying it. All in all, if you’re needing a new power case, go with this one. It’s on fleek. Plus, you’re getting a case for the S6 and S6 edge included in the box.

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*We were sent a demo unit of the TYLT Power Sliding Case for the purposes of this review.


TYLT has teamed up with Techaeris yet again to give away TWO of these power cases out to TWO International winners! Yes this is an International giveaway! See the Rafflecopter widget below to get started!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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