UE Roll Review: 360 Degree Sound All Around

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Ultimate Ears (UE), the company that made the UE Boom and Megaboom Bluetooth speakers has added another speaker to their collection. Introducing the UE Roll. This Bluetooth speaker will provide 360 degree sound playback no matter what way you are facing the speaker. Feel free to connect up to 8 Bluetooth capable devices to it along with another UE Roll.


  • IPX7: Dust resistant & waterproof up to 1m for up to 30 minutes
  • Audio: 85dBA @ max sound
  • Frequency Range: 108Hz – 20kHz
  • 9 hour battery life
  • Bluetooth 4.0

What’s In The Box

  • UE Roll speaker
  • MicroUSB charging cable


First glance at the unit it looked like it was just a circular speaker that sat in one place. While that is true, there’s a little more to it than just that. On the top it’s just the volume controls. A plus and minus icon. The material used on the surface is a plasma coated acoustic skin to protect against dust and water getting inside.

Flip the speaker over and you’ll see a marine grade bungee cord attached to both ends of the speaker. Here’s the kick to that cord: One end pops off, allowing you to hang it on something whether it’s a door knob or a nail in the wall, or a tree if you’re having a party. If you don’t want to hang it anywhere, clip it onto a backpack or bag and be on your way. With the unit being water resistant you will see a flap that hides the a 3.5mm jack and the microUSB port.


With the amount of Bluetooth speakers I’ve used, the UE Roll is definitely the loudest. When I say loud, I mean it’s loud. I’m pretty sure the people in the apartment above and below me could hear my music playing. Any song I threw at it played very well. Zero notice of distortion or crackling on any volume level you set it to, even on preset options for an equalizer and while connected to another UE Roll.

Battery Life

When first using the UR Roll, there was about half battery life (through UE Roll app), and it still has yet to get around 10%. Nine hours of music playback does seem like a lot especially if you’re using the Roll constantly, but Ultimate Ears has your back by providing that many hours. No one likes to be at a party having fun and then have the only speaker there die. Don’t be that guy. No one likes that guy.

Downfall to the 9 hour battery life is that the charging time will take five and a half hours. Do keep in mind that battery life may vary.


When it comes to price, most people prefer to not spend $150+ on a Bluetooth speaker. That’s including speakers bars. Coming in at $99, this is the only speaker UE has that isn’t expensive compared to the UE Boom and Megaboom.

Wrap Up

Looking at the price of only $99, you really can’t go wrong with getting this speaker considering it’s durable and water resistant (30 minutes). It’ll be able to travel with you wherever you go as it’s not bulky as some speakers may be.

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*We reviewed a retail unit of the UE Roll purchased by the reviewer

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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