Fall Anime 2015 Preview: Attack On Titan Returns! (Kind Of)


The upcoming anime season that will kick off in the coming weeks will feature a slew of spin-offs, continuations, and original shows debuting this fall. Quite a few TV series and OVA’s are soon to hit Japanese airwaves and streaming sites worldwide, but that list is dominated by a few familiar names, including one name that fans have been clamoring to see more from for the past two years.


Fall 2015 will feature the return of Attack on Titan! – in some capacity at least. Attack on Titan: Junior High is the comedic spin-off of the wildly popular post-apocalyptic storyline will feature all of the characters, but none of the heavy drama that kept fans on the edge of their seats.

Instead, the series known domestically as Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou will feature much lighter subject matter in a school setting while maintaining the general basis of the story and calling back to some of the more notable scenes of the original series. The art will be different as well, since it features chibi versions of the characters. Should the series go well, it may take a while before a second season is produced, as the manga for this moves as quickly as its source material.

One-Punch Man (Oct. 4)

This anime adaptation of the popular web comic and manga of the same name is sure to bring elements of action, fantasy and comedy to viewers when it premieres next month. One-Punch Man began as a crudely drawn pseudo-shounen web comic in 2009 that was adapted into a manga in 2012 and is now being adapted into an anime after another three years.

One-Punch Man follows Saitama, who lives in a city that is constantly under duress by monsters and other villains that pose a great threat, but are also defeated by a single punch from the protagonist. Saitama ends up searching for stronger challenges in other lands, while struggling to gain fame for his exploits. The series occasionally pokes fun at the typical anime series aimed at young males by overplaying the “superhero getting stronger against each enemy” trope.

Haikyuu!! Second Season (Oct. 3)

The popularity of sports anime continues, as Haikyuu!! returns to bring the intensity of volleyball and high school drama back to the airwaves. The series topped multiple “Best of…” lists last year for spring and summer anime and looks to pick up right where they left off as the fanfare has not seemed to die down over the past 52 weeks.

Haikyuu!! season 2 figures to begin as the Hinata and company start to prepare for the big spring volleyball tournament after failing to bring the fall tournament trophy to Karasuno. If the first season was any indication, the second season will bring plenty of laughs, tears and an absolute disregard for the laws of physics.

Noragami Aragoto (Oct. 3)

While this will serve as the second season of Noragami, this season will take a unique spin as it will serve as a departure from the direction of the original. This season will focus on Bishamon, the god of combat and sworn enemy to Yato, the god of calamity and main character of season one.

Noragami Aragoto will follow Bishamon and her stable of regalia, which provide her with great aid, but also hardship as she must care for their individual needs as well as the needs as a whole. It will also venture into the past, to hopefully uncover the history behind the eternal struggle between her and Yato.

Other notable upcoming anime includes, but aren’t limited to, High School Star Musical, World Trigger, Pokemon X, Y and Z, and others. Overall, Fall 2015 will include a diverse lineup for fans of any genre.

What anime series are you looking forward to the most this fall? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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