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Kidz Gear Headphone Review: Sound Made For Little Ears


I’ve done several headphone reviews lately and I’ve been using some extraordinary sets of headphones from Parrot to A-Audio. But us adults aren’t the only ones who sometimes need to plug in and keep our media from disturbing others. Kids need to be able to use their devices without being too loud, and that’s where Kidz Gear comes in. This is the Kidz Gear Headphone review.


  • Sensitivity: 108dB (w/o KidzControl™ Volume Limit Technology)
  • Cord Lenght: 1.5m (4.5 ft)
  • Headphone Jack Size: 3.5mm (1/8 in)
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz
  • Speaker Size: 30mm
  • Impeadance: 32 ohms


Available in seven different fun colors, Kidz Gear headphones are constructed of quality plastics and nice foam ear cushions. They’re perfectly sized for kids ears and sit comfortably on their heads, my kids never once complained of any sort of uncomfortable feeling. The headphones also come with a nice carrying bag which the kids loved and decorated to suit their own personalities. Overall the design is kid-friendly and fun, just about all you can ask for in a kids product.



The Kidz Gear headphones sounded great, my melon is much larger than my kids but I was able to get them on. Kids have a different idea of what they want to hear and “Let It Go” sounded great on these guys. The sound isn’t going to be on par with your high end $400 headphones but it’s really not meant to be. These are designed for kids in mind and so is the sound and that’s where KidzControl volume limit technology comes into play. The Kidz Gear headphones have a built in limiter which only allows the volume to reach a max level of 80dB-90dB protecting your child from damaging their hearing. That is probably the single best feature of these headphones. Overall the sound is great and just what kids would expect, my kids had no complaints and enjoy using their headphones. As a parent the volume limit tech is spot on.



Priced in at $19.99 with carrying case, these are the best kids headphones with volume limiting out there, in terms of value. Without question kids hearing should be protected and these will take care of that as well as provide stereo sound to your little ones games and music. There is also a Bluetooth version available for $59.99.

Wrap Up

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of headphones for your child that don’t sound horrible and provide hearing protection, Kidz Gear is your huckleberry.

Kidz Gear Headphone
4.7 Out of 5

*We were sent demo units of Kidz Gear for the purpose of this review.

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