Inateck Bluetooth Speaker Deals Going On Now

Inateck (not to be confused with that company from Office Space) is a company that makes a wide variety of mobile products ranging from cables, to protective sleeves, to headphones, and charging solutions. Also available, a variety of Bluetooth speakers. If you’re in the market, we’ve got some coupon codes for a few of Inateck’s Bluetooth speaker offerings. Keep reading for the lowdown on these deals.

Inateck - MercuryBox SpeakerFirst up is the Inateck MercuryBox speaker. This is a sharp looking aluminum speaker featuring Bluetooth 4 connectivity. You’ll be able to connect nearly anything to the speaker via Bluetooth, or via a 3.5mm auxiliary plug if your device somehow does not have Bluetooth. With an IPX5 waterproof rating this speaker will be right at home poolside. An 1800mAh battery will keep your music going for up to 15 hours.

Right now you can get $3 off the Inateck MercuryBox speaker by entering the promo code MJVLL7RV at the link below.

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Inateck - MarsBox SpeakerUp Next, the Inateck MarsBox speaker. The MarsBox features a two-tone overlapping red and black design. The MarsBox has more than enough power to fill a room with sound with dual 5 watt drivers. MarsBox offers the same Bluetooth 4 and 3.5mm connectivity as the MercuryBox, but offers a beefier 2200mAh battery for 10-15 hours of music from the more powerful speakers.

You can get $14 off of the MarsBox by entering code M2X85WRZ at the link below.

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Inateck - Honeycomb Speaker


Last but certainly not least is the Honeycomb style speaker.  The first obvious feature is the design on the front of the speaker, creating a more interesting speaker grill pattern. You can still connect via Bluetooth 4.o or 3.5mm aux cable. This speaker features a 2000mAh battery for 10-15 hours of music along with dual 3 watt precision-tuned drivers. Controls have been simplified, keeping buttons to a minimum and providing light/audio cues for most controls.

You can get $6 off of this speaker by entering code QH7QZL7D at the source link below.

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