Pope Francis XVI Visit May Delay NY iPhone Deliveries


New York City iPhone fans may be in for a disappointment Friday as they wait for their shiny new toys to show up from UPS. Pope Francis XVI is scheduled to visit the city Friday and that just might cause a bit of a squall with deliveries. Apple sent out an email to its customers who pre-ordered the phone warning them of the possibility and that just might get some hot under the “collar”.

Dear XXXX,
Thank you for your recent Apple Store purchase.
Your iPhone 6s 64GB Rose Gold is scheduled for delivery on Friday, September 25th. However, due to traffic restrictions expected for that day in New York City, your delivery may be delayed.
If we’re unable to complete the delivery on Friday, we’ll also be making Saturday deliveries at most locations.
To track your package, please visit UPS with your tracking number: XXXX.
We know you’re looking forward to receiving your new iPhone, and we apologize if your order is affected.

Well, there you have it, thanks to the Pope you New York City dwellers might have to wait a whole excruciating day to get that iPhone in your mitts. I don’t know, maybe UPS could come up with a compromise with the Pope? Perhaps have him delivery everyone’s iPhone along his route? Just a thought LOL 😉

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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