Google Apps Triad Attack Could Push iOS Further Back

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There’s been some interesting things going on in the mobile space this year and the most glaring to my eyes is the addition of Google Apps and Android to BlackBerry. Many thought BlackBerry had gone the way of Palm and HP, buried and only a memory to chuckle over. But BlackBerry surprised us by teaming up with Google to make Android more secure for Enterprise use and then building its own Android phone. Now there’s rumblings in the rumor mill that one of the next announcements from Microsoft’s Lumia line will be that Lumia will now run Google Apps (Hangouts, YouTube, Google Voice, Google Play Music & more).

The rumor surfaced on reddit and nothing has been confirmed and we only know that Google Apps are said to be running. But what if Google and Microsoft are working on letting Google Play Services work within Windows 10 as well? This would certainly placate and silence me as I’ve been pretty vocal that Google has not allowed Windows Phone access to their API’s for Google services to properly work.

But now imagine three different platforms running Google Play Services with access to Google’s App Store and plethora of other services. If this triad of operating systems team up to share one sole app store with their own operating system over top, that is a huge win for Google and a huge convenience for users. Cooperating with Microsoft and BlackBerry this deeply speaks to Android’s new mantra (be together, not the same). A triple cooperation will have huge implications on Apple’s position within the mobile market.

Perhaps that’s why Apple is busy marketing and encouraging Android users to Move to iOS. While there will likely remain a core user base of iOS and Apple users, the draw to alternatives like Windows Phone and BlackBerry who will now be able to run apps that everyone wants is going to be huge. Also with more reports of Apple’s OS being less secure than originally thought you may see users defecting to one of the triad operating systems.

We know the BlackBerry partnership is dead on and confirmed but the Windows Lumia partnership is still a rumor. Even so, Microsoft and Google have buried the hatchet in terms of litigation which is another strong sign that the two may actually go through with this. It makes sense for all three companies: it will bolster both Micorsoft and BlackBerry, while at the same time increasing the strength of Google’s App Store. It will also be a huge step forward for choice from a consumer standpoint. More hardware choices all with good apps to choose from. Four operating systems, two app ecosystems. This could get interesting.

*Google Apps was used as a generic term for Google apps from the Google Playstore, not to be confused with Google Apps, apologies if this caused confusion. 

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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