Surface Pro 4 Updated: Thinner, Lighter, Faster


Microsoft had a lot to say about how productive we can be on Windows, and they’re further trying to drive home the point with the Surface Pro 4. Microsoft basically kick started the convertible class of devices with the original Surface back in 2012, when Windows 8 first came out. Made to replace both your tablet and your laptop, it was considered a fair device at the time, but many felt it wasn’t a great tablet or a laptop. With each successive upgrade, some of the problems were ironed out and the Surface Pro 3 was received quite favourably. Now, with Apple and Google entering the race, it remains to be seen if the Surface Pro 4 can be king of the hill.

The Surface Pro 4 is absolutely loaded! It’s got a huge 12.3 inch display which is packing 5 million pixels. The Surface Pro 4 is powered by 6th generation Intel Core processors, which should be great for the average power user. The tablet also features a hybrid cooling system. You can get a Surface Pro 4 with up to 1TB of storage and upto 16GB of RAM which puts it on par with modern laptops and ultrabooks. Microsoft also claims that the Surface Pro 4 is 50% faster than the Macbook Air, which, if true, is very zippy indeed.

And Microsoft also made a point of mentioning that the Type Cover has a laptop class keyboard, something missing from the rather controversial Macbook. The icing on the cake is that the keys are backlit too. The Type Cover also features a glass trackpad which is 40% larger than the previous one. The Type Cover is the thinnest yet. The new Type Cover is also compatible with the Surface Pro 3 and if purchased in the United States of America, it will come with a built in fingerprint scanner.

An updated Surface Type Cover includes a fingerprint scanner.

Another accessory for the Surface Pro 4 which Microsoft makes is the Surface Pen. For starters, the Surface Pen can last a whole year on a single charge, quite unlike the recently announced Apple Pencil. The Surface Pen is capable of detecting 1024 different levels of pressure to ensure that “the ink will flow out of the Pen” to make for a fluid experience. The Surface Pen also has an eraser and the standard button, which can be used to launch One Note. The Surface Pen can also be used to quickly write on search results and websites viewed in Microsoft Edge. When not in use, the Surface Pen can be stuck to the side of the tablet via magnets. Not the perfect stowing mechanism as Samsung’s stylus-esque method with a slot for the pen is better and safer.

Microsoft is also releasing a docking station for the Surface Pro 3 and 4. The station allows you to connect to two 4K displays and also have four USB 3.0 ports for all your data transfer needs. The station also has an Ethernet port, making it perfect for an enterprise use case.

The Surface Pro docking station also works with the Surface 3.

While not the thinnest device out there, at 8.4mm, the Surface Pro 4 packs a lot of awesome features. The Surface Pro 4 will feature Windows Hello, the voice biometrics system used to authenticate users. The Surface Pro 4 also packs in enterprise level face authentication, which goes to show just how seriously Microsoft is aiming at the enterprise market. The device will be up for pre-order starting 7th October, 2015 and will be available for sale starting 26th October, 2015 for $899.

What do you think? Has Microsoft got it right this time? Will the Surface Pro 4 replace your tablet and your laptop? Let us know in the comments, on Google+, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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