Find Out What It Takes To Be A Shopkeeper In Shop Heroes

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If you’ve ever played an RPG, you know the importance of looting everything you can because at some point in time you’re going to run across the rather important shopkeeper. But do we give shopkeepers their due credit? Think you have what it takes to keep an endless stream of adventurers stocked and happy? Now you can find out with cloudcade’s latest game, Shop Heroes.

The fantasy RPG shop simulator lets players embark on a journey not to become the best warrior, wizard or rogue, but instead to become the best shopkeeper in the kingdom of Aragonia. Features include:

  • Crafting of over 550 epic items across more than 35 levels of content with the help of specialized workers
  • Collaborating with friends to upgrade and unlock new buildings for more resources and content
  • Equipping Heroes and sending them on challenging quests to earn epic loot including chests, new blueprints, rare items and resources
  • Buying and selling of crafted items to other players in a real-time, market driven in-game trade system

“One of my favorite things about Shop Heroes — aside from the fact I get to play as an RPG shopkeeper — is the cross-platform functionality,” says cloudcade lead game designer Mathieu Rouleau. “It’s a great way to enjoy the same game on my computer at home or on my tablet while I’m traveling.”

It’s definitely a different take on the RPG/simulation genre, find out if you have what it takes with Shop Heroes, now available on Android, iOS, and Facebook.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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