LastPass Gobbled Up By LogMeIn


LastPass, a password manager, has been around for some time. While it’s had a minor problem or two , LastPass still remains one of the more prominent options as far as password managers are concerned. LastPass made big news today though, as the company itself has announced that it’s being acquired by LogMeIn. That’s right, LogMeIn, a Software as a Service (SaaS) company with a number of tools built around Access, Collaboration, and the Internet of Things.

What this means for LastPass users, at least according to Joe Siegrist, CEO and founder of the password manager, is that LastPass will continue to improve the free, premium and enterprise models of the manager. Siegrist said in a blog post that this will be able to be done faster thanks to LogMeIn’s help.

Over the next few months, LastPass will transition under LogMeIn’s wing and will continue to release updates. On top of that, the manager will see new features as the service continues to grow. Amid concerns regarding a change in the service, Siegrist updated his announcement saying:

“Thank you for all the support we have received in response to our exciting news today. To address the concerns that some in our community have raised, I want to personally assure you that this is good news for our users.  First of all, we (LogMeIn/LastPass) have no plans to change our existing business model. Secondly, this acquisition provides us with access to resources that will enable us to innovate faster, as we continue to strive to deliver an even better product than the one you have come to know and love. It is also important to note that the current LastPass team is staying in place and remains committed to deliver on the promise of privacy, security and convenience that has been our mission since day one. I appreciate and am proud of the passion of our community, and we will continue to work hard to maintain your deep loyalty.”

Basically, as was said before, LastPass users have nothing to worry about when it comes to a change in the services they’ve come to know and love. Of course, time will tell. Do you use a password manager? Is it LastPass? Let us know in the comments below or on social media.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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