Xur’s Location For Oct. 9-10 And What He’s Selling

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Those familiar with Destiny will have heard of Xur. The mysterious Agent of the Nine comes each Friday and Saturday with exotic wares for the cost of a few strange coins. Always one to take a stroll, Xur’s location for Oct. 9-10 is in the Vanguard room next to the missed missions kiosk. This week he has a number of familiar wares at his disposal.


First up this week is the year one exotic heavy weapon legacy engram. For 31 Strange Coins you have a chance at Truth, Thunderlord, Super Good Advice, Dragon’s Breath or Gjallarhorn.


Next up, is a year 2 version of the Insurmountable Skullfort. It’s a Titan Helmet that offers a number of perks with the main perk being Improved Transfusion. This perk gives players immediate health regeneration with kills from Storm Fist. You’ll also gain a second melee charge and respawn with full melee energy. Cost: 13 Strange Coins.


Hunters will benefit from Knucklehead Radar, a helmet that keeps a player’s radar active while aiming with primary weapons. Cost: 13 Strange Coins.


Warlocks will get a pair of gauntlets this week. Claws of Ahamkara come with the Whispers perk that gives all warlocks an additional charged melee attack. Cost: 13 Strange Coins.


Last, but not least, is an exotic engram for gauntlets, giving you a chance at any of the exotic gauntlets the game currently has to offer.

Also available this week is the Plasma Drive (23 SC),”Emerald Coil” (23 SC), Heavy Ammo Synthesis (1 SC) and Three of Coins (7 SC). The Plasma Drive, and “Emerald Coil” both upgrade your rare sparrow into a legendary variety, boosting speed and giving you a purple or green trail behind it. Heavy ammo synthesis allows you to fill up your heavy weapon’s ammo and the Three of Coins allows you to up your chance at better loot from Ultras and Bosses. Xur will also create Motes of Light for 2 Strange Coins each.

But you better hurry. Xur will only be around until early Sunday morning. If you have yet to pick up Destiny, and The Taken King, you can check out our review here. Then head on over to destinythegame.com to find out more.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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