Microsoft And Canonical Purchase Has Me Eating Crow

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Earlier this month we reported the rumor and possibility of a Microsoft and Canonical deal that might have shaken up the Linux and Open Source world. We had several sources who claimed that this was happening and might be happening soon. Since then we’ve poked around asking other connections about the validity of such a rumor. We have not gotten any other sources to corroborate the story. So it looks like I’ll be eating crow for dinner tonight.

Sometimes we run with a story on the strength of sources you trust which obviously doesn’t always work out the way you want. It’s very rare that we run rumor stories of this caliber but I felt the information was strong enough and the source vetted enough to pursue it and throw it out there to see if we could get a bite from other sources. Canonical responded to the original story with a flat out denial of any such rumor and Microsoft simply said they would not comment on rumors. While the sources we had were wrong (at least for now), we’re not going to reveal those sources as that would violate trust.

So in this instance we’re calling this rumor unconfirmed and likely not true. Until other sources step forward and we have solid evidence of such a purchase, we’ll call this dead. My apologies to to those who commented on the original post, we recently switched over to Disqus for our commenting system and they have not been able to export our comments from our old system. We are working on getting that fixed and hope to have comments restored to the first post concerning this subject. Thanks for understanding!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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