Thor: Ragnarok Is Marvel’s Darkest Script Yet, Will Introduce Two Female Leads


Thor: Ragnarok could be Marvel’s darkest film to date. It appears to be a Marvel MCU filled morning as we’re getting our second tidbit of what’s going down in the Marvel Cinematic Universe within the next few years. First it was the possibility of Fantastic Four joining the ranks of Iron Man and Captain America, now it’s a suggestion that the final Thor trilogy film is a lot on the dark side.

Given that in the Ragnarok comicbook line all hell breaks loose for Asgard, it kind of makes sense. However, given the serious nature of the film, it sounds like the movie is Marvel’s darkest film yet. So dark, in fact, that Marvel decided to hire a comedy director to make the movie a wee bit lighter. Taika Waititi has apparently been hired to balance out how grim the script is, and bring the tone more in-line with what we expect from Marvel’s MCU movies.

Rumor has it that another writer will be helping Waititi in the task of lightening up the movie. One of the ways they may do this is to play on the humorous relationship between Thor and Hulk, who is rumored to join Thor in the film in a major way. But that’s not it in terms of rumors for the movie. Ragnarok is said to be adding two major female leads to the movie.

During the film, we’ll be introduced to the Valkyries during the Norse end of the world event. That aside, it sounds like Marvel will use that as a chance to introduce the heroine Valkyrie to the MCU. Brunnhilde will be the superheroine it sounds like, too. For those who don’t know, she’s been a longtime member of the Defenders, has been a part of a few Doctor Strange storylines and does battle with her arch-nemesis, the Enchantress, who will also be introduced on Ragnarok.

That’s about it for this rumor, though. There aren’t any leading actresses tied to these lead parts as of yet and we’re still a few years out from seeing the conclusion to Thor’s story arc. The movie debuts on July 28, 2017.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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