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If you’re anything like me you start your morning off with a hot cup of coffee and then follow it up with another hot cup of coffee. Whether you drip brew, french press or espresso your cup of joe everyone enjoys their coffee hot (save those iced coffee lovers). But ceramic mugs, foam cups and even the best thermoses on the market just don’t always keep your liquid gold hot enough long enough, enter Ember.

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Ember is an insulated coffee mug with a built in temperature control which is supposed to keep your beverage at whatever temperature you enjoy it at. This is great for those of us who might down the first cup but want to take another for the road and nurse it. While there are some quality thermoses on the market that do great keeping coffee warm, Ember is awesome with the built in temp gauge.

Ever burn your mouth on scalding coffee or tea?
(This is the worst… your taste buds are ruined for days!)

With Ember, your drink will rapidly cool to the perfect temperature that you choose.

Ever brew that perfect cup of coffee and get sidetracked from drinking it, only to come back to a lukewarm or even worse COLD coffee?
(Yeah we know your kids and co-workers can be needy!)

With Ember, you can leave your perfectly brewed deliciousness and come back to it later, where it will be just as delicious and hot as when you left it.  Goodbye microwave!

Ever wish you could control your coffee with your cell phone?
(Bet your current mug can’t do that!)

With Ember, you can!  Maybe you like brewed coffee at 140˚F (60˚C), pumpkin spice lattes at 134˚F (56.6˚C), and green tea at 148˚F (64.4˚C).  You can use the app to quickly switch between your favorite temperature presets.

Ever have a long drive, commute or get stuck in traffic?
(We live in LA, so we feel your pain!)

With Ember, you can enjoy your coffee right away.  No more waiting and wondering if your coffee is cool enough.  The mug (and app) will notify you when your coffee is drinkable so you won’t be terrified to take that first sip.

giphy (11)

Check out the Ember Indiegogo at the link below.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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