A New Semester Of Magic School Is Coming… To North America

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Pack your bags, call in sick from work or school, and grab that wand we all know you have hidden away in your room, because Hogwarts is coming to the United States. After the astounding success of the Harry Potter Larping event in Poland, the groups behind the event, Rollespilsfabrikken from Denmark and Liveform from Poland, have decided to bring their event to America. Starting in 2016, fans of Rowling’s work will be able to participate in a four day, three night immersive experience in a magical castle of their own.

Called New World Magischola, this event will take place around June 2016. While the official date has not yet been set, tickets go on sale in November on their Kickstarter page, so an official schedule is not far away. The event will host a minimum of 80 players, with the attendance being capped at 160. If you don’t get into the first event, don’t despair: the event hosts have said that if there is enough interest, they will consider doing a second event later in June.

Cost for this immersive event in around $375, with that money covering food, board, and most importantly, proper school attire. Events will include classes of your choice from one of several career paths, a formal dance, and a whole cast of NPCs dedicated to making the experience the best for you. What the cost doesn’t cover is this: a wand. I wasn’t kidding earlier, you really do need to remember to bring your own wand, otherwise you’re going to have a tough time passing classes.

Alongside their move to the US, the event has also come up with a whole new magical universe that incorporates North American history (both colonial and indigenous), with an undisclosed location that is said to be as magical as their original location in Poland. They’ve also come up with five new houses for this event, each with their own history.

More information on the North America event, as well as the Polish one, can be found on their Facebook or Twitter pages. Just search New World Magischola to get the latest updates from the group.

What do you think about this event for fans of Harry Potter? Will you be attending North America’s first magic school? What House will you be in? Let us know in the comments below!

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Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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