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Patreon funding is being used by thousands of content creators, from YouTube to artists, and you’ll find a plethora of projects to back on their site. Patreon is designed for users to support their favorite content creators and creations a place to help creators continue to create. We’re a unique user for Patreon as what we’re trying to accomplish really hasn’t been done before. Many tech podcasts and YouTube channels are funded through Patreon, Tom Merrit is one notable example, but not many – if any – full websites are being supported there.

Why Patreon? We’re pursuing Patreon funding from you, our readers, as our first effort to fully fund and support both Techaeris and MOARGeek as well as future projects. The reason we’re doing this is to attempt to remain ad-limited or possibly ad-free. We don’t like advertising. Just visit any of your larger tech sites and you’ll find ads galore, much of them obtrusive and in the way. Some of them down right obnoxious, like auto-play video ads and full screen ads with hidden X buttons. Not to mention the very idea of corporate funding that may conflict with proper unbiased news reporting.


Many of you use ad-blockers and are probably shrugging your shoulders not caring much since ads don’t impact you anyway. Well, if the rumors are true and ad-blocking companies are working with ad companies and Google to white-list some ads, your favorite ad-blocker just might be selling you out.

We love what we do here at Techaeris and MOARGeek, but the bottom line is we can’t do it for free. Patreon is a way to help us work for you full time and hone and build our skills as well as out network to bring you even better and more in depth content. We’re putting the ball in your hands asking for your help in the game first, testing whether or not this campaign will work. If it doesn’t succeed then we’ll have to explore other avenues of revenue to pay the bills and continue to grow and likely that will be advertising.

So please, check out the Patreon campaign and consider funding our sites so we can do this full time and grow beyond what we are now. Be part of something different and let’s report tech and geek news for the user without skewing or tainting it with advertising funds.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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