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“There is more fun to be had after 50” is the credo of a new social network with a noble pursuit. According to its founders, many members of the older community struggle to find  connections on more mainstream social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Although those sites are used to maintain connections with family and loved ones, feelings of isolation unfulfillment still arise from a lack of activities to enjoy with actual peers.  Stitch aims to fix that by creating a community where like-minded adults can find events, trips and companions.

“Many older adults have lots of things they want to do, but nobody to do them with. Stitch meets this need with a unique and vibrant social network with the ability to meet other like-minded people through member-driven group activities, travel, and one-on-one companionship” – Marcie Rogo, cofounder of Stitch.

Stitch Categories
Stitch Categories

On the surface Stitch is very simple. It’s clean and simple navigation makes it approachable and less intimidating for the target user. Once signed up there are three main options to explore:

  1. Events: These are general organized by other members of the Stitch community and are open to attendance to other members.
  2. Travel: Interested in doing some exploration but don’t want to go alone? This category lets you find some travel consorts to make for a more fun and safer trip.
  3. Companion: This is the intimate section of the site where users can make a romantic connections with other members. Once both parties indicate a mutual interest, they are able to use the built-in messenger to communicate privately.

Security is a very clear and important element within the Stitch community and every profile must be verified before they are allowed to interact with other members.

Stitch is currently free to use but there is a paid Premium membership that provides a few more options and profile access.

Free VS Premium Plans
Free VS Premium Plans

As of now Stitch is 200,000 members strong with 50 Active communities. With focus on simplicity, security and connections to people of similar interests without all the noise, bloat and spam of the bigger social networks, Stitch looks to be on to a very good thing.

Would you recommend Stitch to anyone in your family? Let us know in the comments or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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