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Google Drive Makes Sharing Files Even Easier

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If you have a Google Account, there’s a chance that you use Google Drive to store and share your files. It hasn’t always been the easiest to share your files though, and there were some pretty notable differences between sharing between the Google Drive website and mobile apps.

Of course, when sharing files security is usually be a big concern, and Google has implemented not just easier ways to share, but better notifications for when someone has shared files with you, or when someone is requesting access to view a file you’ve shared with them (more on that in a second). First, when someone shares a file or folder of files with you, you’ll now receive a mobile notification on your iOS or Android device letting you know that someone has shared something with you. Simply tap the notification and you’ll be whisked away to the file or folder .

If you need to quickly share a file with someone, you can quickly grab the link to the files and folders and send that link through another app like email or Hangouts. When the recipient clicks on the link you’ll receive a notification that they have requested to view the document. Within the notification you’ll be able to give access or reply (on Android) or access share settings (iOS).

Last, but certainly not least, you no longer need a Google Account to view shared files on your Android device which will definitely make it easier to share files with people that don’t have a Google Account.

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