HTC’s Next Rumored Flagship, The ONE X9 Leaks

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HTC has been in the news a lot lately. But not for any good reasons. Starting with last year’s disappointing One M9 and the flawed Nexus 9, followed by news of their financial struggles, and most recently a decent phone, the A9, that unfortunately has been a topic of discussion for no other reason than its iPhone-like appearance and undeservingly high price.  Fortunately HTC is not giving up, and rumors of their next flagship are starting to prairie dog. Some supposed images and specs have appeared today and there is some interesting stuff. Safe and predictable, but worthwhile nonetheless.


The “One” brand remains, followed by the X9 model-specific label. If you think you’re seeing something familiar, you’re not crazy. Last year, some early renders of the ONE M9 circulated under the name HTC Hima Ace. Those proved to be fake which means one of thee things.

  1. HTC liked the fake renders and decided to adopt them
  2. Those were actually done by HTC but the design went unused until now
  3. Those renders were fake and so are the new ones
HTC Hima Ace Renders
HTC Hima Ace Renders

Along with the visual, we also get some spec-ulation…. I’ll see myself out. The chip of choice should be the Snapdragon 820 and will be accompanied by either 4GB or 3GB or RAM, possibly depending on region or the distinction between the 32GB and 128GB models. The battery would be a respectable 3500 mAh; plenty to get you through the day. Taking another stab at a competent camera on a flagship phone would be in the form of a 23MP Sony sensor; moved from the center to one of the corners. And facing the user could be a 2K screen and the hopeful return of the beloved front-facing speakers. Making strides in some areas, it looks like HTC is still sticking with capacitive buttons under screen for some reason. There is also no sign of a fingerprint scanner, although that could simply be hard to spot in these images and would be an odd omission. The cool Dot-View Cases are also sticking around. The price seems more suspect than everything else since 3000 Yuan translates roughly to $470USD. This would put a high spec phone at about the same price as the mid-level A9. As 2016 approaches, prepare for a lot more leaks and rumors and as usual stock up on appropriate amounts of salt.

Any of this getting you interested in HTC? Could the incoming One save HTC along with the available A9? Let us know in the comments or hit us up on social media.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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