HOW TO: Save iCloud Storage Space Using Google Photos


Let’s face it, iCloud storage space is a premium commodity and Apple charges you for every bit of it. iCloud saves your entire iDevice backup, photos, videos, apps, contacts, emails, texts and probably some stuff you don’t even know about. With all that data your iCloud storage space gets eaten up fast! Well there is a way to save some of that storage space and avoid upgrading your iCloud account. Here’s an easy way to save iCloud Storage space and save a few bucks in the process.

Update November 1o, 2015: Google Photos HQ storage is 16MP, 4920×3264 pixels and video is 1080p or lower. Thanks to Kyle for clarifying that!

Of course one of the easiest ways to save iCloud space is to just turn iCloud off and backup and store your iPhone data on your Mac or PC. But for some the cloud is a convenience and I know I prefer to have my iDevice backup in the cloud. But I’m picky as to what I let Apple store in the cloud. The only thing I want Apple to store for me is what matters for the core functions of my device, so I only backup my contacts, texts and apps to iCloud. If you simply choose to back those things up to iCloud you could get away with just using the free storage space Apple provides. The rest is where this how to comes in.

Once you have those core services set to backup to iCloud you can concentrate on backing up one of the single most storage hungry portions of your iDevice: photos and video (music is the other but I stream my music on Tidal and music does not apply to this how to). In order for you to backup your photos and video with this method, you will need to download Google Photos from the App Store. Using Google Photos does require a Google account so you’ll need to login with that account or create one.

Once you have Google Photos downloaded and are logged in, simply go to settings and choose Back up & sync, Upload size and High quality (free unlimited storage).


That’s it, now all of your iPhone photos and videos will backup to your Google account for FREE. Using the high quality setting will not upload your images full resolution but Google’s high quality is 2048×1365 which is more than acceptable for most people and who can argue with FREE? You can use the Google Photos app to share your pictures to social media, text, email and more. Once your photos are backed up you can delete them off of your phone to save space for more photos and video!

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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