Leaked: These Samsung Devices Are Getting Android 6.0

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Since the launch of Android 6.0, not many phones are running the latest from Google, but OEMs have already picked which of their devices they want running the marshmallowy goodness. CyanogenMod is already in the process of creating its own Android 6.0 ROM, HTC has chosen their devices (M8, M9, M9+, E9, E9+, Butterfly 3 just to name a few), Huawei has picked the P8, Mate S, Honor 7, Honor 6, Ascend G7. LG hasn’t sent out the update to other regions other than in Poland. Motorola has also specified which of their phones would see the update along with Sony, but Samsung hasn’t told anyone which of their handsets will be updated.

There has been a leaked image showing which phones have been updated, some users may be happy about if the device they own is on the list, but go ahead and check and see which devices were updated down below.

Photo courtesy of TimesNews.

As you can see, phase 1 shows Samsung’s flagship devices getting an update over the next three months starting with the Samsung Galaxy Note5 and S6 edge+ receiving the update starting next month. Rolling over into 2016, the Galaxy S6/S6 edge will get the update in January, and the Note 4 and Note Edge in February. The S5 and Alpha, both 2014 devices, are waiting upon approval and may or may not see the update. If they do, it’ll most likely be at the end of Q1.

Phase 2 devices are all waiting upon approval with no ETA at the moment, but my guess is an update could push out some time in Q2. Lastly, phase 3 will commence after the initial testing, but of course no devices were specified. No telling what those Samsung devices will be, but it sure won’t be the Galaxy S III.

I’m pretty excited to see that the Galaxy edge+ made the list and will await the update to be pushed out to it.

If you own any of the devices named above, are you excited to see the update pushed to your device? Let us know by leaving a comment down below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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