Nexus 6P Toast Cover Review: Beautify Your Nexus With Wood

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Alright, we all love our phones and we like to protect our phones. But sometimes we don’t want a bulky case on that phone and from my experience with the Spigen case for the Nexus 6P it can interfere with the fingerprint scanner. So that’s why Toast makes these rocking real wood covers for phones and laptops. They also so happen to make one for the Nexus 6P and this is the Nexus 6P Toast cover review.

**Disclaimer: If you want the Nexus logo on your order you MUST specify in special instructions. Toast cannot offer the Nexus logo on its site due to legal reasons.


Since the Nexus 6P is already a beautifully designed phone Toast simply wraps that design in an equally beautiful piece of wood. So the design is spot on awesome! This thing is really going to make your Nexus 6P look amazing. Toast also offers a mix and match wood selection, so you can make your look two tone or just one. It’s really an amazing design and beautiful look.


Installation is not god awfully hard BUT you should take your time and read ALL instructions a minimum of TWO times. Might be best to shoot for four times to be safe. This is a one shot install so take care to wash your hands, clean the phone and be VERY careful with the adhesive. I suggest you watch our video below to listen to me talk about installation and precaution before you do anything else (then you should probably watch Toast’s installation video too just to be safe).

It’s worth mentioning that Toast does have an excellent customer service policy if you do happen to jack this up. They will work with you in replacing your self-inflicted damaged goods.


Toast covers offer great protection for your Nexus 6P just as good as any well made mid-range case would. Of course this isn’t Lifeproof style protection but overall this will get you by just fine and it looks hotter than Lifeproof anyway.


Clocking in at $34, the Toast cover is a great value for being real wood! Totally worth the price and totally worth your time!

Wrap Up

If you like skins/covers the Toast cover is the only one you need to look at, period.

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*We were sent a review sample of the Nexus 6P Toast cover for the purposes of this review

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.

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