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The updated Google+ iOS App has hit the App Store and if you have your apps set to auto update then you likely are updated already. The new Google+ app brings a whole new interface and looks much more like the Android version than pervious iterations. It’s nice that Google is trying to unify the look between operating systems but not everyone is thrilled with the looks of the new app. The desktop version of Google+ is also getting a drastic overhaul and you can read the full overview with critiques we posted yesterday. Here’s the shortlist of what’s new in the Google+ app:

  • Easily switch between multiple Google+ accounts
  • Share your favorite posts to people outside of Google+
  • Discover Collections using search to find just what you’re looking for
  • Simplified navigation for quick access to Communities and Collections

 There has been much tension in the Google+ community over the desktop version as well as the Android app and judging from comments it seems iOS users are a bit put off by the big changes for the iOS app as well.

(PRE 5.0 UPDATE)This is my favorite social media app! It’s fun, has great communities and is very easy to pick up and learn.

Edit: It WAS my favorite until Update 5.0 now the app is complete garbage, if you have a previous version and are looking for people’s opinions than look no further here’s why the 5.0 update is a complete disaster:

  • You can no longer view how many followers you have.
  • The layout for your profile and the entire app in general is a pain to navigate and makes everything way more of a hassle than it was in the previous versions.
  • YOU CAN NO LONGER QUICK TAG FRIENDS OR PEOPLE IN YOUR CIRCLES! Trust me I’ve tried! You need to type their name in its entirety now in order to MAYBE get their account to pop up among the 5000 others of a similar name.
  • The return button is no longer on the main keyboard so NOW if you want to go down to an other line when posting you have to hit the [123] key first to hit freaking enter! ITS SO REDUNDANT AND STUPID AS HECK!

I could go on and on about how absolutely horrible this update is, whoever designed it should seriously have their position filled by someone who’s a little more competent because this app is really bad now! Scratch that, after being in there for even longer the person who designed this crappy update should be FIRED!

Do not get this app until it’s fixed, it’s really bad now and for anyone using a previous version; please stick to it. It was WAY better than 5.0.

Have you downloaded the new Google+ app for iOS? Let us know what you think about it as well as the desktop version in the comments below!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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