1byone Safety Driveway Alarm – Easy To Use Motion Detection Where You Need It


Do you have a private driveway and want to know when anyone is approaching your house? Do you have delivery drivers that leave packages without knocking or alerting you in any way? Do you maybe just want to know exactly when your newspaper is delivered every morning? Yes, some people do still order a newspaper and yes, this was just one of many use cases offered for the 1byone Safety Driveway alarm. You’ll get motion detection that’s easy to set up, easy to use, and flexible enough to go almost anywhere.

The 1byone Safety Driveway Alarm consists of transmitters and receivers. The base package includes one receiver (the base unit that will notify you) and two transmitters (the actual motion detectors). The transmitters work by way of a Passive Infrared sensor (PIR Sensor) that detects the heat radiating off of people, animals, or anything else that has a temperature above absolute zero. Once movement is spotted, the transmitters relay that information to the receiver, at which point any alarms or notifications that you have set will then go off. The transmitters are said to work up to 100m (roughly 330 feet) away from the receiver, and each transmitter should have a sensing range of 5-8 meters (roughly 16 – 26 feet). While the walls of your house may drop the effective range between the transmitters and receiver slightly, this system still ought to be able to provide coverage to most any home.

1byone Safety Driveway Alarm Receiver

Even better, the system is expandable. Say you want a receiver in your family room and another in your bedroom. Simply order an additional receiver and use the auto learning button to register your existing transmitters with the new receiver. Or, if you need more than the two included transmitters you can order additional transmitters and tie them to your existing receiver(s) in a similar fashion.

The receiver can notify you in several different ways: sound only, flash only, or sound and flash. Each receiver has three LED lights on the front as well as a speaker that can sound an alarm as loud as 100dB. There are several sound options too, so you won’t be stuck with the blaring alarm if you don’t want that.

Everybody wants to feel safe at home and a motion sensor such as the 1byone Safety Driveway alarm can provide a sense of safety once it’s set up. Simply face the transmitters facing outside your doors, windows, or any other area you’d like to monitor, and be notified of any movement in those areas.

1byone Safety Driveway Alarm Transmitter

Right now you can get a great deal on the 1byone Safety Driveway Alarm at Amazon, with one receiver and two transmitters coming in at just under $25. Hit the link below to pick up your very own motion detection system at a great price.

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Last Updated on August 11, 2019.


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