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We have always said that accuracy and reliable reporting are of utter importance at Techaeris; sometimes that means correcting a story or admitting mistakes. To that end we felt it was important to issue an update and include corrections to a story we ran a few days ago about the market share of Google’s Chromebooks in education.

Sourcing a story run by CNBC and using data gathered by FutureSource Consulting Ltd. we reported that inside US classrooms, grades K-12th, Chroomebooks had reached a staggering 51% overall market share, well surpassing Apple and Microsoft.

Shortly thereafter one of our readers, Jake Weisz noticed inaccuracies in the way the data was being reported and posted the errors on his Google+ account.

We felt there was reason to investigate further and reached out to FutureSource Consulting to get clarification on the infographic and information they collected. They kindly responded promptly to our requests and delineated that we and other publications did in fact misinterpret their data.

“The data is that Google reached 51% of sales in Qtr 3 2015, but not installed base of devices as the headline suggests. As devices are used for multi years there is still a strong installed base of Apple and Microsoft devices. ” – FutureSource Spokesperson

Chromebooks in the Classroom Courtesy of Futuresource Consulting
Chromebooks in Education Infographic Courtesy of Futuresource Consulting Ltd.

So although, Chromebook sales within that quarter did exceed half of devices sold, their comprehensive market share of all devices used in classrooms is well below that, and less than those sporting Apple and Microsoft branding. Furthermore, the infographic only takes into account mobile devices, such as laptops and tablets. That means desktop devices are not a part of this report.

We apologize for any confusion in the way the information was presented and will continue to strive for the highest levels of accuracy and information-gathering.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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