Database Containing 191 Million Voters PII Leaked Online


We’re living in the age of the data breach and our information is in the playgrounds of the hackers. Over the past two years everyone from the United States Postal Service to Target have been hacked and personal identifying information (PII) has been leaked. Now a new report is suggesting that a misconfigured database of 191 million United States voters has been uncovered and exposed online for anyone to see. The information in this database includes everything you disclosed when you registered to vote from full names to your ethnic background. Researcher Chris Vickery discovered the database on December 20th and the kicker is, he found his own PII in the database alongside the other millions of victims.


The crazy part in this story isn’t even that 191 million people’s PII is out in the open like this, the crazy part is no one is claiming ownership of the database. Vickery and have reached out to various political campaigns and known voter information companies to ask if they own this database but have gotten nowhere. So as of now, this information is still alive and accessible for anyone to see and take information as they please. Data Breaches is asking for help in finding the owner.

Of course there’s absolutely nothing that could go wrong here /sarcasm. Not only is this just a massive screw up by whoever misconfigured the database in the first place but no one yet willing to claim responsibility is… well, irresponsible. What we’ve written here is just a very small part of this story, head on over to the source link to read even more on this story.

What do you think of your PII potentially being exposed in the breach? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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