[CES 2016] LG Unveils K Series, Two New Affordable Devices

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Not every phone manufacturer can only offer high end devices that cost more than a decent laptop or even a beat up old vehicle. They wouldn’t sell much, nor would it help make up the cost to make the device. That’s where it comes down to adding in entry level and mid range devices to help bring in more profit and allow consumers to choose a variety of devices that will fit their budget.

Today LG unveiled two affordable devices for their K series (the successor to the L series), while keeping that premium look and feel as a high end phone would have.


First up is the LG K7. Out of the two devices, this one will be the one with the more lower end specifications. Do keep in mind that these specs will depend on market. The handset is capable of getting LTE, there will also be a 3G version available as well for those that do not have access to LTE networking. The device has a 5.0″ display coming in at a resolution of 854×480 and equipped with a 2,125mAh battery. The LTE variant will come with a 1.1GHz quad core processor and the 3G version will have a 1.3GHz quad core processor. Built in storage will either be 8GB or 16GB and RAM will be 1.5GB or 1GB. The rear facing camera will either be 5MP or 8MP and the front facing camera will be set at 5MP. As far as the colors of the phone, the 3G one will come in black, gold, and white while the LTE version will only be available in a “titan” hue.


Next up is the LG K10, which will be more of a bigger brother to the K7. Going back to what was mentioned earlier about these specs depending on market, the K10 is in that same predicament. Screen size comes in at 5.3″ with 720p resolution, and a 2,300mAh battery to help you get through your day. Both 3G and LTE version will be available for purchase. For the LTE version, the rear facing camera is 13MP and the 3G version offers an 8MP camera while the front facing camera will either be 5MP or 8MP. Want more than one option for the processing speed? Good, because four are offered. A quad core 1.2GHz, 1.3GHz, or 1.4GHz (octa core) CPU is offered for the LTE version and a quad core 1.3GHz CPU is for the 3G model. RAM comes in at 1GB, 1.5GB, or 2GB. Storage amount is either 8GB or 16GB. In case you were wondering what colors the phone came in, it’s either gold, indigo, or white.

LG giving the option to choose the processing speeds is awesome because some users may not need all that speed for what they’ll be using the device for. It’d be cool if other handset manufacturers had this option, though I’m sure it would be a hit or miss of profit made.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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