Motorola Brand To Be Dropped By Lenovo, Will Continue On As Moto


During all the CES 2016 excitement this week, Lenovo dropped a fairly decent bombshell on the world by announcing that it will drop the Motorola brand name. In an effort to streamline its overall portfolio, the company will focus on the Moto and Vibe sub-brands. However, instead of being Moto by Motorola, it will be Moto by Lenovo. As anyone could surmise, this has caused fans of Motorola Mobility some anger.

So much so, in fact, Lenovo has released a blog post, clarifying what this actually means. According to the company, Motorola Mobility isn’t “going away.” In a post on its blog, Motorola made mention of it’s absorption of Lenovo’s smartphone division in 2015. That said, the blog really wanted to stress that the Moto we know and love is really not going anywhere. According to the blog post:

“As a wholly owned subsidiary, we remain the engineering, design and manufacturing engine for all of the Mobile Business Group’s smartphones and wearables. Motorola’s engineering heritage is hugely important to this effort, and that isn’t going to change.”

Even so, the company is evolving. As we said before — in this case — Motorola is getting rid of the “rola” and will be known simply as Moto. It will be Lenovo’s primary product brand. In fact, a lot of the changes Motorola made before this one will continue on.

“…the iconic batwing was static blue or red for many years, and we made it fun and colorful. That symbol, which has come to represent the “Moto” brand, continues to play a prominent role, and will remain on our products and in our marketing.”

Moto, along with the Vibe name will be considered Lenovo’s mobile hero brands globally. The Moto brand packaging will continue to be used. Moto and Vibe will push the Lenovo brand to the fullest. In closing, the folks at Motoro, er, Moto wanted to assure its fans one last time.

“The Motorola legacy is near and dear to us as product designers, engineers and Motorola employees, and clearly it’s important to many of you who have had long relationships with us. We plan to continue it under our parent company, Lenovo.”

So there you have it. Lenovo wants everyone to rest easy and assure everyone the Moto we’ve come to know and love, will continue on. So we hope. What are your thoughts on the Moto brand change? Let us know on social media or in the comments section below.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.

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