The Bumper Apple Watch Case Review: Real Protection

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So you bought an Apple Watch and you tend to be the rough sort who bumps into things. If you are that type of person who’s typically rough on your equipment you’re going to need some protection for that Apple Watch. Back in March 2015 an Indiegogo campaign sprouted up for a new Apple Watch case that would take care of the types of people who are rough on their devices, the The Bumper Apple Watch case from Actionproof. Now that the campaign is over and they’re selling these things the folks over at Actionproof were kind enough to send us a sample. This is our The Bumper Apple Watch case review.


  • Shock absorbing rubber material
  • Full access to screen and buttons
  • Designed to protect 360 degrees



With a sporty design and rubber material construction, The Bumper isn’t going to be a case you’ll wear with a tuxedo or for a night on the town. No, The Bumper is rugged and made to take the likes of a night at the bar or an afternoon out hunting. The design is nice, it’s nothing elegant but it is appealing and well done. The only complaint I have is the material The Bumper is made of does pick up dust and dirt easily. This is something the Apple Watch sport band doesn’t do, which is why I like Apple’s sport band.


It’s as simple as removing your Apple Watch band and slipping The Bumper right over the body of the watch. Actionproof does give you some guidance and instruction on proper installation. They don’t want you to damage the digital crown while installing and it does keep them from any legal issues if they include such instruction. But really, if you manage to bork this installation, you have bigger problems.


Actionproof isn’t lying when they say 360 degree protection. The Apple Watch is snuggly protected inside this thing and short of running it over, you should be well protected using The Bumper. Protection, which is the main point of this case, rules with this case.


Priced at an MSRP of $35 that’s really not a bad deal for such great protection. At the time of this review and linked below, you can pick The Bumper up at Amazon for $24.99 which is an even better deal. That does include Prime shipping.


If you’re looking for a tough case for your Apple Watch, Actionproof’s The Bumper should be on your watch list.

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*We were sent a sample of The Bumper for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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